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When we were looking for a hosting company we found the sheer number of options to be bewildering. We created a shortlist based on various criteria – including customer reviews, price, services offered and so on – and we decided to give WHC a try. What made us try them over all the others? In the first instance, the fact they have a well designed and easy to navigate website attracted us, as did the full range of solutions they provide.
It is difficult to find a unique selling point with web hosting companies, as essentially they are all offering the same service, yet to be the best Web Hosting Canada but whc appeared to go large in an area that suited our needs – namely that of quality service and solutions, and we can say now we have been with them for some time that they deliver on that promise. Not only that, but we are also impressed by their very competitive rates, and the availability of top-level ‘.ca’ domain names.

Many Satisfied Clients

When choosing a hosting outfit for your commercial use you look for quality and satisfaction. We read the customer testimonies on the WHC site, and checked them out, and they gave us the confidence to let the handle our hosting requirements. They offer a wide range of impressive solutions and services and – very important for us – offer dedicated servers for better performance.

WHC also provide full cloud solutions for more efficient use of time and space, plus unlimited hosting for the low rate they charge, both services that interest businesses such as ours, and well worth the rate we pay. In short, we’ve found Web Hosting Canada to be a company that does exactly as it promises, and with no associated problems of pitfalls.

High Performance

We also wanted to be certain that the web host we engaged would provide us with the best speed and reliability; WHC promises speeds of ‘up to 3 times faster than competitors’. While we have not measured this accurately, we can confirm that they are much faster than our previous host. They also offer 24/7 customer service, which we can say is very good, and we were further inspired by the fact they use cPanel with Cloudlinux, which is the ideal set up for ease of use as far as we are concerned.

A further benefit to us is the security that is built into the services they provide and – again an important factor for us – the fact that servers are located in Canada, and on both East and West coasts, so that we can genuinely claim we are providing local services.

Are there any downsides to using When we looked around we found several that were cheaper, yet when investigating those, also found the service and solutions they offered were not in line with those provided by Whc, so we recommend you get in touch if fast, reliable and sensibly priced web hosting is what you are looking for.

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